1v1 with JAMES HARDEN 2.0!!

2021-ж., 20-апр.
14 552 Көрүүлөр

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  • Pretty sure that's Jake Harden, he actually his cousin. They always get mixed up

    Easy T.Easy T.19 күн мурун
  • Clickbait

    Ali KoneAli Kone19 күн мурун
  • That’s Hames Jarden fym🤣🤣

    Cjaj NYCCjaj NYC19 күн мурун
  • u still won bree bree

    Jermaine MooreJermaine Moore20 күн мурун
  • #teambree

    Jermaine MooreJermaine Moore20 күн мурун
  • i love u bree baby

    Jermaine MooreJermaine Moore20 күн мурун
  • he weak he look more like rick ross nephew

    Jermaine MooreJermaine Moore20 күн мурун
  • click bait

    Maury BingMaury Bing20 күн мурун
  • He beat you because that finger🆑

    Prin3tonCAPrin3tonCA20 күн мурун
  • Green Bree is CLUCH!🏀✔

    Prin3tonCAPrin3tonCA20 күн мурун
  • swish

    Suzen G. the CanadianSuzen G. the Canadian20 күн мурун
  • 1.46 y'all heard that ?

    Rachade FofanaRachade Fofana21 күн мурун
  • She is awesome 👏🏾! She out shot this dude with one hand!

    michael milesmichael miles21 күн мурун
  • That is a great video to do in life right know today

    Tracy McSwainTracy McSwain21 күн мурун
  • fu

    Joseph AndinoJoseph Andino21 күн мурун
  • Y u click bait us😭😭

    LuvPmLuvPm21 күн мурун
  • dang Bree you ain’t have to lie like that in the title 😭😭 ... but I’ll still drop a like

    Naturally Skye’sNaturally Skye’s21 күн мурун
  • I wonder what gum is getting chewed lol 😂

    TJ TheGTJ TheG21 күн мурун
  • I’m built like that 😘❤️

    Love YouLove You22 күн мурун
  • Come on bree I love u why u had to do me like this James harden my favorite shooting guard in the NBA right now😡bree I m mad right now😂😂😂😂😂but u got us though❤❤❤❤

    Jaybreezy VlogsJaybreezy Vlogs22 күн мурун
  • Ig she did say 2.0 but still

    LtRoNLtRoN22 күн мурун
  • Clickbaited tf out of us

    SoUnderratedSoUnderrated22 күн мурун
  • That's good cap Bree.

    Lil uzi/ CP in hereLil uzi/ CP in here22 күн мурун
  • you really won lol

    zayvigzayvig22 күн мурун
  • Mis B .. you showing out .. Hope bro don't lose.. One hand 🙋‍♀️

    Quenton IveryQuenton Ivery22 күн мурун
  • i have noticed that whenever she looses she cuts the camera time short

    makensie robmakensie rob22 күн мурун
  • High key impressive

    Roscoe Pretlow IVRoscoe Pretlow IV22 күн мурун
  • Bri the goat facts

    Super SaiyanSuper Saiyan22 күн мурун
  • 🔥🔥

    Super SaiyanSuper Saiyan22 күн мурун
  • 🔥🔥

    Super SaiyanSuper Saiyan22 күн мурун
  • Bro what in the click bait is going on here?😂😂😂😂

    JBJB22 күн мурун
  • Ouch what happened with your right index finger there Bree?🤯🤔

    Michael WhiteMichael White22 күн мурун

    Valiant BusinessValiant Business22 күн мурун
  • She won he only made 3/5 she mad 4 she won it wasn’t 4 to tie and 5 to win

    SpeakuppopSpeakuppop22 күн мурун
  • Bree looking like me

    Titeanya RodriguezTiteanya Rodriguez22 күн мурун
  • Bree Green I love watching your KGworld videos I’m a huge fan

    Jalen WALKERJalen WALKER22 күн мурун
  • James “ O Calories ” Harden 🤣🤣🤣

    Joe MontrellJoe Montrell22 күн мурун
  • 😪😪😪

    Tone The BoneTone The Bone22 күн мурун
  • *This video be like* 10% basketball 90% clickbait 😂

    LusakaMadeJLusakaMadeJ22 күн мурун
  • Flagrant click bait. 🤣🤣🤣 Bree you getting ejected for this one.

    Strill LifeStrill Life22 күн мурун
  • She did say 2.0

    Antisocial BjAntisocial Bj22 күн мурун
  • With one hand! 👏😍

    MaAlex Is JoyMaAlex Is Joy22 күн мурун
  • Click bait really🤦🏿‍♂️

    Jaheed FerreraJaheed Ferrera22 күн мурун
  • Oh yeah ya lost I didn’t even watch it yet

    helaughed Tvhelaughed Tv22 күн мурун
  • She finessed us

    Football RecapFootball Recap22 күн мурун
  • Don’t click bait us like that

    Dribble God 11Dribble God 1122 күн мурун
  • We click baiting Bree this discount James harden😂😭

    Keston PaulKeston Paul22 күн мурун
  • damn wtf bree lol

    des byudes byu22 күн мурун
  • The right handed James Harden

    HBK JuiceHBK Juice22 күн мурун
  • Good cap😭

    justin jacobsjustin jacobs22 күн мурун
  • 🔥🔥🔥

    Nicholas WilliamsNicholas Williams22 күн мурун
  • Damn. This is the ultimate clickbait. No James Harden. Lmao and it still ain’t a 1v1. 😩😩

    Some guySome guy22 күн мурун
  • 🔥🔥🔥

    Renniii 215Renniii 21522 күн мурун
  • It not james harden cause james got different shooting form

    Jackson DemarsJackson Demars22 күн мурун
  • Yo where is harden?

    King TakkiKing Takki22 күн мурун
  • Clickbait 😂

    Dee DeeDee Dee22 күн мурун
  • She pulled a flight on us lol

    omg sayyomg sayy22 күн мурун
  • This not even clickbait this is just lyinf

    PlayboyJonathanPlayboyJonathan22 күн мурун
  • Good job

    Joseph PaigeJoseph Paige22 күн мурун
  • 🤦🏾‍♂️

    Torrell Loving jrTorrell Loving jr22 күн мурун
  • I’m pretty early😅

    Cameron BallCameron Ball22 күн мурун
  • Made me really click on

    Melo_ytMelo_yt22 күн мурун
  • Its clickbait

    Mac And Other YouTubersMac And Other YouTubers22 күн мурун
  • Ain’t no way we click baiting rn bree

    Age321Age32122 күн мурун
    • It was only a matter of time.

      Javien ElmoreJavien Elmore19 күн мурун
  • CLICK BAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1sturdyychris1sturdyychris22 күн мурун
  • Oh naw this James “Great Value” Harden

    J.O. WrldJ.O. Wrld22 күн мурун
    • 😂😂😂😭😭

      Andrea MorrowAndrea Morrow22 күн мурун
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    • 🤣

      Kingg CloudKingg Cloud22 күн мурун
    • 😂😂

      lulbaby_16lulbaby_1622 күн мурун
  • 🧢

    CJTheKidCJTheKid22 күн мурун

    Damauri CooperDamauri Cooper22 күн мурун
  • Yo

    DeseanDesean22 күн мурун
  • everybody having a nice day ?

    GoDs JxZzyGoDs JxZzy22 күн мурун
  • This is cold... U playin against the beard 😭😭

    Caron ball the chiefCaron ball the chief22 күн мурун
    • Ongggggg bro😭

      Keston PaulKeston Paul22 күн мурун
  • First

    Andrew GibsonAndrew Gibson22 күн мурун
  • First

    Its a Junior ProductionIts a Junior Production22 күн мурун
  • 1st

    yzi8yzi822 күн мурун
  • noti gang

    zelkeryzelkery22 күн мурун
  • First👌

    Naz TvNaz Tv22 күн мурун
  • First comment

    NovaNova22 күн мурун
  • U got cooked boy

    cash 22cash 2222 күн мурун
  • First

    KerelKerel22 күн мурун
  • aye

    GoDs JxZzyGoDs JxZzy22 күн мурун
  • Cap

    Unknown XnumUnknown Xnum22 күн мурун
  • First

    Lyric4l_ Dr1pLyric4l_ Dr1p22 күн мурун
  • first

    Lik GoatyLik Goaty22 күн мурун